CPX Module Released for CardioReportware

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing module is now fully integrated with CardioReportware.

TENAFLY, NEW JERSEY, USA – April 1, 2010 – Nicomac Systems has released its new CPX module for CardioReportware. Our Cardiopulmonary Exercise (CPX) testing module is now fully integrated with CardioReportware, seamlessly joining our popular Echo, Nuclear, Vascular, CTA and Holter modules. Included with this new module are the same great features CardioReportware customers have relied upon for over 15 years: cross-exam comparisons, sophisticated queries, full reporting, HL7 interfaces, scheduling and billing. The clinical content CPX module in CardioReportware has been vital in enhancing CardioReportware and confirming its reputation as a leading technology in cardiology reporting and management.

A CPX test, or a cardiopulmonary stress test, is a special treadmill often used for people with a form of heart failure. This treadmill not only takes an ECG during exercise, but also measures the gas exchange in your lungs at the same time.

This practice is in part attributed to the ability of CPX variables to accurately reflect cardiopulmonary function in patients. CPX can demonstrate a significant correlation between the minute ventilation (VE)-carbon dioxide production (VCO2) relationship during exercise and pulmonary vascular pressure at rest in a group of subjects with systolic HF. The CPX test has also found that individuals with a peak oxygen consumption (VO2) less than 10.0 mLkg-1min-1 had a significantly higher resting pulmonary capillary wedge pressure (PCWP) compared with those with individuals with a peak VO2 between 10 and 18 mLkg-1min-1.

About Nicomac Systems, Inc.
Since 1992, Nicomac Systems, Inc. has been an innovator in cardiology report generation software. Their flagship product, CardioReportware and other cardiography technology applications have been continuously refined since their release in 1998.

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