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February 01, 2020
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April 15, 2012
1.5 Million Cardiology Reports Reached in US Hospitals Using CardioReportware
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January 04, 2012
14 Ambulatory sites added to the North Shore CRW installation.
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December 01, 2011
Holter ECG Events/Loops - ABP Modules Released for CardioReportware
Monitoring modules are now fully integrated with CardioReportware.

April 01, 2010
CPX Module Released for CardioReportware
Cardiopulmonary exercise testing module is now fully integrated with CardioReportware.

March 10, 2010
CardioReportware Enters Canadian Cardiology Market
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March 01, 2010
CardioReportware Imaging & PACS Integration

January 01, 2010
Nicomac Systems Ships Version 5.2 of CRW
New Version Supports 4D 11.5

December 01, 2009
Columbia Presbyterian Hospital Runs Nuclear Lab Using CardioReportware
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February 01, 2009
NEW CTA Module

January 15, 2009
New Multi-site Functions Showcased at Texas Cardiovascular Consultants
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April 15, 2008
260,000 Cardiology Reports Reached at Northshore-LIJ Healthcare System Using CardioReportware

March 19, 2008
Nicomac Systems Launches New Web Site
More information is now available in a completely redeveloped web site.

March 01, 2008
Over 400,000 Cardiology Reports Reached at Barnes Jewish Hospital (Washington University) Using CardioReportware

November 01, 2007
Nicomac Systems Completes Interface Upgrade at North Shore LIJ Health Systems
CardioReportware Interfaces with HL7 Sunrise System

January 01, 2006
Nicomac Systems Ships Version 4.4 of CRW
CRW Directly Connects and Retrieves Data from Echo and Treadmill Machines

January 01, 2006
Hartford Hospital Installs CardioReportware
20 Years of Echo Reports and Patient Medical Histories Seamlessly Integrated

January 01, 2005
Nicomac Systems Ships Version 4.0 of CRW
New Modules, Integrated HL7 interface, More Customizable Features and Enhanced Adminstration Tools

May 01, 2004
Nicomac Systems Ships Version 3.5 of CRW
Multi-site Management, Enhanced Document Management and Many User Requested Features Added

January 01, 2004
CardioReportware Installed at New York University Medical Center
It Will Be Used for Diagnostics and Research

October 01, 2003
Nicomac Systems Ships Version 3.2 of CRW
Stress Module Now Independent of Nuclear Module Plus New Enhancements

October 01, 2003
North Shore University Hospital Installs CRW Nuclear Module
Seamless Integration of 8 Years of Historical Data

January 01, 2003
Nicomac Systems Ships Version 3.0 of CRW
Major Release Includes New HL7 Interface, Stress Module, and Enhanced User Customizable Features

July 01, 2001
Barnes Jewish Hospital (Washington University Medical Center) Installs CardioReportware
CardioReportware Chosen for its Sophisticated Reporting Capabilities and as a Teaching Tool

April 01, 1998
North Shore University Hospital Installs CardioReportware
CardioReportware Selected for its Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities & Ease of Use

January 01, 1998