1.5 Million Cardiology Reports Reached in US Hospitals Using CardioReportware

TENAFLY, NEW JERSEY, USA – April 15, 2012 – Nicomac Systems announced today that they have reached the 1.5 Million cardiology reports mark in the CardioReportware system installed at US Hospitals. ROI has increased exponentially since the introduction of CardioReportware, thanks to its many administrative reports, tools and staff/resource management capabilities. In addition to unique reporting tools, and never matched flexibility CardioReportware provides seamless integration with any Hospital's ADT, ordering, results and billing systems. The clinical and administrative tools have greatly improved productivity. Clinical statistical reports, flexible searches, cross exam comparisons, and export tools greatly assists in their medical research in this teaching institution and the administrative statistical reports and workflow tools have improved the efficiency of the cardiology labs. Efficiency and revenues are accelerated allowing referring physicians or cardiologist instant access to reports, clinical and historical data The clinical content and presentation of its CardioReportware generated reports has been important in enhancing and confirming their reputation as a leading teaching institution in cardiology health care. The advanced and at the same time flexible and easy to use CRW system helps to coordinate care, accelerate workflow, enhance quality of care and cut costs. The consolidation of disparate cardio lab systems into a centralize solution increases efficiency and revenues and lower the total cost of ownership, maintenance and troubleshooting. Nicomac Systems will be happy to provide contacts and references for any additional information regarding the success of CardioReportware at this institution.

About Nicomac Systems, Inc.
Since 1992, Nicomac Systems, Inc. has been an innovator in cardiology report generation software. Their flagship product, CardioReportware and other cardiography technology applications have been continuously refined since their release in 1998.

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